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Rosetree Blown Glass Bottlestoppers


Rosetree Blown Glass Bottlestoppers

Rosetree Blown Glass Bottlestoppers


Hand blown glass sculpture with an elegant metal fitting. Fits perfectly in most wine or spirit bottles. A gift that makes a statement. Shown here in (clockwise) blue, white, red, and gold


Colors available: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Lavender, Mardi Gras Purple, Pink, Rainbow, Red, Salmon, White, or Mix of Most Popular Colors.


Styles available: Flat Swirl (Red shown), Shell (Blue and Gold shown), or Rose (White shown)


Dimensions: 5" - 6" in length


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Product Details

Name Bottlestoppers
Stock Number BOTTLESTOPPERS-1112
Department Giftware
Type Barware

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Summa Jewelers Rosetree Blown Glass
Rosetree Blown Glass

Rosetree Glass Studio creates distinctive, artistic work utilizing traditional glassblowing techniques. Classical shapes, iridescent colors and interior designs are combined to provide a unique approach to an ancient art.