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National AGS Guild Award goes to St. Louis!

April 15, 2016

Chairperson of AGS's International Guilds, Laura Stanley, CGA (center) with Summa Jewelers' own Marshal McHugh (Vice President of the St. Louis Guild)  & Anne Howitt (President of the St. Louis Guild) at the 2016 AGS Conclave in Washington, DC.. Stanley is presenting both of them this year's American Gem Society Guild of the Year award. The Society currently has 39 Guilds—including an international Commonwealth Guild. The AGS Guilds bring the spirit of the Society’s International Conclave to their local jewelry communities with quarterly meetings, featuring networking and educational speakers covering a range of topics, from gemology to store security, to digital marketing.

Who knew those silly hats and secret handshakes would ever amount to anything? Just kidding about that. We often host the Guild's quarterly meetings and are very proud of the work Anne & Marsha do to promote jewelry education in St. Louis.